What do we finance?

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People are often surprised at the variety of products we finance for our clients.

Over the last 28 years, we have developed an extensive network of customers from an array of different industries such as farming & agriculture, construction & excavation, transport & heavy haulage.

One of the best parts of our job is travelling to meet our clients, developing lasting relationships and learning about how their business operates.

We feel that by having a more in-depth understanding of our clients and the businesses in which they operate we can provide a more tailored service.

Our six main leasing categories are;

Vehicles are the highest volume items that we finance for our customers. We aim to make this process as stress-free as possible, taking care of all paperwork and in most instances the dealer negotiation process.
With so many cars to choose from selecting the best can often be difficult. We pride ourselves on our fast vehicle finance with most approved on the same day.

Transport & Logistics:
Our clients are scattered around the east coast of Australia from far north Queensland to Melbourne and transport a range of different products around the country. The Australian trucking network is of vital importance to our supply network.
The demand is consistently high meaning our customers often require new trucks and trailers at short notice to ensure they can meet the request of their contracts.

Civil & Construction Equipment:

This would be our second most significant segment of customers.
Our clients range from piling and drilling companies to earthmoving, road works and construction. As Australia continues to experience strong growth, most of our customers in this sector are as busy as they’ve ever been. Our job is to ensure we can provide funding when they need it most, whether that be a new excavator, crane, drilling rig or concrete pump.

We meet just about all clients at their home, office or job sites, to ensure the process is as effortless as possible allowing them to continue working on the things that make them money.

Agriculture equipment & farming:
With an abundance of land and fertile soil, agriculture is an integral part of our economy. Our farmers are some of the hardest working people we provide funding for and due to fluctuations in growing & weather conditions they often experience cash flow issues, making the selection of suitable finance structures of vital importance.
Over the years, travelling to rural areas of Australia has enabled us to develop an extensive supplier network meaning we can often source tractors, harvesters, tillage and seeding units a far more competitive prices.

Office Fitout:
Lots of our customers update and expand their offices or workspaces and often require considerable amounts of money to complete this. We can arrange finance to assist with the fit out of offices, retail shops, restaurants, medical & dental surgeries and much more, either in whole or part.

Speciality: (marine & aviation): 
A few times a year we have the speciality items such as superyachts and private aircraft. Primarily the planes and helicopters we finance are for our farming clients on large rural Australian properties who use these items as their vehicles to check on livestock or aspects of the property. We love travelling to meet them in person and getting to experience the beautiful landscape.

If you have a finance enquiry or would simply like assistance sourcing a product we’d love to help.

Give us a call on 1800 232 615 or request a call back via the link below.


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