What do we finance?

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People are often surprised at the variety of products we finance for our clients.

Over the last 28 years, we have developed an extensive network of customers from an array of different industries such as farming & agriculture, construction & excavation, transport & heavy haulage.

One of the best parts of our job is travelling to meet our clients, developing lasting relationships and learning about how their business operates.

We feel that by having a more in-depth understanding of our clients and the businesses in which they operate we can provide a more tailored service.

Our six main leasing categories are;

Vehicles are the highest volume items that we finance for our customers. We aim to make this process as stress-free as possible, taking care of all paperwork and in most instances the dealer negotiation process.
With so many cars to choose from selecting the best can often be difficult. We pride ourselves on our fast vehicle finance with most approved on the same day.

Transport & Logistics:
Our clients are scattered around the east coast of Australia from far north Queensland to Melbourne and transport a range of different products around the country. The Australian trucking network is of vital importance to our supply network.
The demand is consistently high meaning our customers often require new trucks and trailers at short notice to ensure they can meet the request of their contracts.

Civil & Construction Equipment:

This would be our second most significant segment of customers.
Our clients range from piling and drilling companies to earthmoving, road works and construction. As Australia continues to experience strong growth, most of our customers in this sector are as busy as they’ve ever been. Our job is to ensure we can provide funding when they need it most, whether that be a new excavator, crane, drilling rig or concrete pump.

We meet just about all clients at their home, office or job sites, to ensure the process is as effortless as possible allowing them to continue working on the things that make them money.

Agriculture equipment & farming:
With an abundance of land and fertile soil, agriculture is an integral part of our economy. Our farmers are some of the hardest working people we provide funding for and due to fluctuations in growing & weather conditions they often experience cash flow issues, making the selection of suitable finance structures of vital importance.
Over the years, travelling to rural areas of Australia has enabled us to develop an extensive supplier network meaning we can often source tractors, harvesters, tillage and seeding units a far more competitive prices.

Office Fitout:
Lots of our customers update and expand their offices or workspaces and often require considerable amounts of money to complete this. We can arrange finance to assist with the fit out of offices, retail shops, restaurants, medical & dental surgeries and much more, either in whole or part.

Speciality: (marine & aviation): 
A few times a year we have the speciality items such as superyachts and private aircraft. Primarily the planes and helicopters we finance are for our farming clients on large rural Australian properties who use these items as their vehicles to check on livestock or aspects of the property. We love travelling to meet them in person and getting to experience the beautiful landscape.

If you have a finance enquiry or would simply like assistance sourcing a product we’d love to help.

Give us a call on 1800 232 615 or request a call back via the link below.


Top luxury vehicles of 2017

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As we near the end of the year, we thought we’d put together a list of some of the most popular luxury and premium vehicle of the year.

Starting off with Audi, this year the new Q2 and RS3 sedan have both been very popular in Australia.

Audi is notorious for correctly addressing gaps in the market, and the Q2 is an excellent example of this. The interior is similar to the A3, and the base model comes equipt with Audi Connect, which includes an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot, Google search, Google Street View and Google Earth.

These have successfully attracted a younger crowd as a cheaper entry point into a premium brand.

The RS3 sedan has been a surprising one this year given its $84K price tag. We have had a number inquiries from clients as a result of some fantastic online reviews detailing the incredible engine note (produced by a 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbocharged engine), In-gear acceleration, excellent fuel economy and updated brakes.

From one German company to the next BMW has had some winners this year with the new X3 and 5-series.

In Australia, BMW’s SUV range has been prevalent. But with an increased demand for smaller 4×4’s the company has focussed heavily on strengthening and refining its X3, so much so that the 2018 model is said to be BMW’s best selling car. Impressive interior leg and headroom. As expected the X3 is receiving a lot of praise for its class-leading technology and connectivity

Now to the executive saloon, the new 5 series BMW is available in four different classes and even with the $93,900 entry point dealers are receiving orders left, right and centre.

Australia’s seem to have a soft spot for the Land Rover brand. This year we have been inundated with inquiries about the the new Discovery TD6 and the smaller Discovery Sport. Both new vehicles have incredible off-road capabilities and a sleek facelift.

The new Velar is probably the biggest head turner from the company this year. The entry-level model is priced from $70,662 plus on-road costs and boasting equipment such as auto headlights and wipers, electric park brake, torque vectoring, hill-descent control, hill launch assist, gradient release control, cornering brake control, autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning, and trailer stability assist.

Back to Germany, the Mercedes-AMG E45 although starting at an eye-watering $159,900 has been remarkably popular including all the usual E class luxuries like Nappa Leather upholstery, Air-Balance package, AMG body styling, AMG 4Matic all-wheel drive, 20-inch AMG wheels, a sports exhaust system and a sports braking system.

Leaving Germany and heading north to Sweden the Volvo XC90 has been another stand out amongst our client base this year. The T6 R and D5 the two most popular models. For the price point, Volvo leaves the others in the dust for cabin design and materials and space and practicality.

If you have a finance inquiry or would like assistance finding, selecting or securing a new vehicle, we’d love to be assistance.

Contact us today to secure your new vehicle before Christmas.


Finance and lending Q & A for The Fox Group

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Finance and lending Q & A for The Fox Group

We recently sat down with Central Coast-based Chartered Accountants The Fox Group to discuss some common questions within our industry.

What are the main reasons finance is knocked back?

Occasionally we see clients who have defaulted on a telco and other accounts on a regular basis. If you have had a dispute with another business, it is vital to have it resolved. Because they usually then list an unresolved account on your credit file for all lenders to see.

What are the things lenders are looking at when considering finance approvals? Where do they look & what information is visible in your credit file? What to do if you have something to your credit file?

They are looking for the customer that has been in business at least two years and registered for GST. For a large purchase, they would most likely want up to date financials as well as a commitment, asset and liability statement.

For cars, up to 100K, we mostly don’t require any financials just proof of good past credit. Your credit file, unfortunately, tells any lender your true credit history. All loan inquiry, any defaults, court orders and judgements. It will also disclose any companies you are a director of. Tax dept debt is the latest to be listed on your credit file. Credit repair agencies may be of some assistance if you are trying to clean up your file however they are very expensive.

Do multiple applications hurt? Are you better off getting the application right from the start?

Yes, they do indeed, the more credit file applications, the more your credit score is eroded. Shop around first before pressing the button.

What should a borrower have to make the lending process a smooth one?

Up to date financials, forecasts, management accounts, Clean portal history with ATO, etc.

These days an honest declaration of all assets and liabilities as the financier can see your debt as the banks now share the information under new lending guidelines. ATO debt is a big negative for all banks now. On large deals, they want it cleared before approval, and in most cases, this is very difficult.

How to secure the cheapest overall costs of finance? I.e., How to get the best rates. Any suggestions

Use a finance broker who is tapped into all the banks and is offered their best rates on a weekly basis. Stay clear of car yard finance.

What are the main types of finance offered in the industry for Plant & Equipment? Does it matter these days?

Mostly Chattel Mortgages for the self-employed. Novated leasing for salary packaging and Rental for Schools and Hospitals.

Balloon or No Balloon? Does it matter?

I tend to like no balloon as you will get equity in your purchase much faster. Still, most people do take a balloon to keep the payments at a manageable level. You have to be very careful having a long-term finance contract and a high balloon on a vehicle that does not hold its value. If the car is worth less than the outstanding balloon at trade-in time, you’ll have pay the shortfall.

What are some of the myths with finance? i.e. : You need to have had a credit card to have a credit history?

No, you don’t many people only have a debit card. If you do not have any credit history, then you don’t have a credit file, so funding is harder to get. Paying cash all the time may work against you.

How can some dealerships offer 1% finance on new vehicles & equipment?

The product they sell is called a subvention contract. You pay full retail for the car then the car yard has to give the finance company up to 8k to cover interest. The trouble with this is that you have to have a balloon on the end that is a percentage of the full sale price on t the discounted price, so you are always paying more overall. Negotiate the best deal and fund the car with a separate financier.

Any tips for negotiating the best price on new equipment? Eg End of the quarter, etc.

End of the calendar year, end of month end of June are always the best times. I always see the best deals if the sale is negotiated in the last four days trading as long as it can be delivered by the end of that month.

What are the key advantages you believe in using an equipment broker vs a Bank? Eg, Speed, multiple pricing options, etc.

All good brokers will shop around and negotiate the best deal as far as rate, penalties, and fees. On large loans some banks may be slightly cheaper than others, however, will have a considerably long and arduous application process. We always inform the client if another lender may be cheaper and ask them for say $450 per month do they want to spend days collating pages of questions. Cheapest is not always best.

Need Finance?

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Do’s and Don’ts of driving in Ice and snow?

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With a lot of our clients planning on heading to the snow this season we thought we’d put together a Do’s and Dont’s of winter driving to ensure that drivers are prepared and stay as safe as possible.

Thankfully in Australia, we don’t experience the real winter extremes of Russia, Canada or Alaska, however driving in icy wet conditions anywhere can still be dangerous.

– Warm up your vehicle in an enclosed area
– Warm your car up for too long before driving (your engine will warm up faster and more efficiently driving)
– Apply hand brake when parking (break can freeze)
– Use cruise control
– Leave windscreen wipers down
– Risk driving without chains in 2 wheel drive vehicles (Check out here)

– Accelerate/Decelerate slowly to maintain traction and avoid skidding.
– Drive slowly
– Consider adding anti-freeze to your engine radiator
– Keep fuel levels topped up
– Use your lights
– Be conscious of Black Ice
– If driving a diesel vehicle, try and use ‘Alpine Diesel’ if available.
– Increase driving distances to other vehicles to allow for longer stopping times (5-6 seconds).
– If driving in snow, try to avoid unrequired stopping especially on inclines.
– Track weather reports
– Carry a torch (and spare batteries), blanket, dry, warm clothes, tow rope, shovel, wheel chocks, spare food and water, and a first-aid kit.
– Clear ice from windows and mirrors
– Engage 4×4 in snow or ice conditions
– Have your car serviced before embarking on your journey.
– Keep bottles of water in the car

Stay safe & enjoy your trip!

Have a finance enquiry?

Why use a finance broker?

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A strange question for a finance company to ask right?

We are often surprised when we hear clients have previously only relied on their banks for their loans.

It tends to generally be a lack of understanding that people believe financing through their existing bank will be the cheapest, quickest and easiest solution. Unfortunately, this in many cases couldn’t be further from the truth and means people are missing out on various saving opportunities.

There are countless reasons why it pays to use a broker when shopping for your loan, and even if you want to use your own bank, you can still use a broker to process paperwork and manage the application on your behalf.

If you are not set on using one particular lender then it pays to seek the services of an experienced broker.

The first reason is;


The biggest advantage of using a broker over a bank is choice. When you sit in front of a broker you are sitting in front of 10 plus banks and 50 + products versus visiting a banker who has access to only one bank’s products. This is especially important at time like now, when the banks are saying ‘no’ more, and by having more choices you’re likely to get a ‘yes’.


At Leasecorp we have been helping clients build their businesses for over 28 years. We pride ourselves on knowing our client’s and the industry to which their businesses operate in. This enables us to ensure we select the most appropriate finance product as well as the most suitable lending partners. We are committed to our clients and have in most instances life long relationships. Banks move their staff around and reward good performers with promotions away from their customers.


If you’re looking for specialised assistance with your loan, it pays to talk to a broker. Whether your business is in Earthmoving, Transport or Heavy Haulage, our staff are experienced in dealing in your industry. Bank staff often don’t have the training or experience in one area, but service whoever happens to walk into the branch.
For every application that comes through our office, one of our finance managers will personally visit the client at their home or workplace to take care of all paperwork and processing.

Our service includes a ‘product finding service’ that involves our staff searching our national fleet database to ensure you purchase the best value car, truck or excavator available, unlike a bank we’re not just about delivering the money.

Follow Up & Personal banker:

Most of the applications we process are approved with 24-48 hours, if they take longer we update our clients frequently as to the hold-up and the expected approval.

A lot of the time Leasecorp works with both our clients and their trusted accountants to ensure we structure the most suitable loan solution with business growth in mind.

We look forward to welcoming you to our business family.

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